Court trial begins Day 2 involving a Denison man charged with murder

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GRAYSON COUNTY,TX -- Prosecutors begin a trial involving a Denison man charged with murder with statements from law enforcement.

"First the state must prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt," said Assistant District Attorney Britton Brooks.

Tuesday, Police and EMT's who were first to arrive at 303 Monterrey Street on January 8th, 2013, had to fight back emotion as they described the condition in which they found Brandon White's body.

Prosecutors say the 15-year-old was murdered by Robert Gray Jr., his mother's boyfriend.

Gray pleaded not guilty to that murder charge in court Tuesday.

"Just a very sad issue, dealing with special needs children, it's an awful murder," said Brooks.

Law enforcement testified that evidence suggests, White was bound and gagged and ultimately suffocated, possibly with a pillow.

That contradicts Gray's original statements to law enforcement that the lacerations on White's body came from a fight with his brother.

Assistant District Attorney Britton Brooks is prosecuting the case.

"I expect there will be a testimony from pretty much every party involved, including police detectives, some of the civilians that were at the scene," said Brooks.

Police detectives say Gray claimed a day before White's death, White had not taken his anti-convulsive medications, but an autopsy revealed those medications were present in his blood.

The jury was shown pictures of White's body, and the condition of the house when officials arrived.

Brooks says several more witnesses will be called to testify, and the trial could last more than a week.