DHS and police investigate Marietta daycare

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MARIETTA, OK - Tuesday morning Nathaniel Jones' parents said they dropped him off at Little Buckaroos daycare.

That afternoon his mother, Laticia Jones, got a call from the daycare saying he'd been scratched and was bleeding.

"As a mom I still panicked, I mean my heart dropped and I panicked the whole way there," said Jones.

She said she couldn't believe her son's face when she saw it.

"It just kills me to think of what he went through," said Jones. "I just want to know what exactly happened to him."

That's what the DHS and Marietta Police want to know too.
For the past week police said they've been investigating what they were told by daycare management..

"It was originally reported to us that an approximately two-year-old child had assaulted another child," said Chief Dustin Scott.

He also said they have conducted interviews with staff and parents of other children who attend the daycare to figure out what happened.
And he said it doesn't appear that any laws have been broken.

"At this point in the investigation we have no reason to believe there was a crime committed," said Scott.

But the department of human services says they are looking into whether any childcare policies were violated.

"We were onsite immediately to investigate, the investigation is ongoing, the owners are cooperating with DHS," said DHS spokesman Mark Beutler.

The Jones' said Nathaniel's wounds are healing and that they don't plan to take any legal action against the daycare owners.
But they've pulled Nathaniel out of the daycare and said they want to make sure this doesn't happen to any other child.

"Justice needs to be done," said Jones.