DISD making schools safe, secure throughout district

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DENISON, TX -- DISD is beefing up security throughout the district.

Denison EMT's walked around the new high school Wednesday, getting familiar with the layout, in preparation for the start of class.

"When you have a new facility, especially a new facility of this size, there's so much involved in actually finding your way through it," said Keith Bates.

The department got a look inside the school's new storm shelter that can fit almost 600 people.

It may look like part of the library, but these fully concrete walls will be able to protect kids during tornadoes or other weather emergencies.

Battalion Chief Keith Bates says the department performs annual inspections and pre-fire planning at all DISD campuses, so if there is an emergency; they're ready.

"There's so much involved in just finding your way through it, and then being able to be prepared for potential events in a fire or medical emergency," said Bates.

Principal Dr. Cavin Boettger says safety and security are some of the main reasons communities build new schools.

"It's the most important thing we can do to take care of our kids," said Boettger.

Boettger says wider hallways, 137 internet accessible security cameras, doorway sensors and doors accessible via electronic badges are just a few of the features campus security have put in place; for good reasons

"In today's society, with people that are targeting schools---that's one thing that we felt in this school district that we needed to do," said Odis Luper.

Emergency operations and security officer Odis Luper says they've recently installed similar features at the older campuses as well.

"Every time you come into a new facility, one of the first things you want to do is make sure the students and staff are kept secure and safe," said Luper.

DISD starts school September 2nd.

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