Dalnor Group, Inc. breaks ground, bringing more jobs to Bonham

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BONHAM, TX - Dalnor Group, Inc. broke ground in Bonham Tuesday. Here's a look at the jobs this company will create in the area.

Breaking ground Tuesday, and construction starts Wednesday!

"We have a lot of family in the Bonham area so for us this is kind of like coming back home," said Mark Fangio with Dalnor Group, Inc. who also says he is eager to start operating in Bonham.

Formed in 1982, the company makes stands to support jet engines while they're being fixed.

"It's a field today and tomorrow it's going to be a huge building," said Lorie Fangio.

The Dalnor building will initially create about ten jobs, and Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd says that number will grow as the company expands, "They will ramp up until I'm told he'll have nearly 70 jobs out here, these are well paying jobs."

Fangio says he's still working on estimates for the total cost and a completion date, "It's just one of those things you get to do and you get finshed and say 'this was great I got to do something!' So it's going to be good."

Mayor Floyd says years ago, Bonham, like many cities, had an exodus of jobs, but industries like Dalnor locating in Bonham have a tremendous impact on the economy, "We've been able to get the status quo, but now we are growing incredibly. And that's good for Bonham Texas."

A city Fangio is glad to contribute to, "We think quality of life is going to be a mainstay for our employees and our future growth here, so we're looking forward to it, it's a good place to be."

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