Dangerous road conditions in Grayson County

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SHERMAN, TX -- A number of people have called News 12, reporting poor road conditions and lack of snow plowing.

So, we asked TxDOT's Sherman Division to explain their plan of action for Grayson County, and how they're implementing that plan.

We spoke with the area engineer at TxDOT's Sherman Division and he says Grayson County has five sand trucks responsible for the county, but only two of those have plows on the front.

Road conditions in Grayson County are downright dangerous.

While News 12 drove around Friday, we spotted stuck vehicles and cars across the area.

Highway 82 has nearly a foot of ice in the center of the only open lane, but TxDOT assures the public they're working around the clock to clear the roads.

They declined an on-camera or phone interview, but say their five sand trucks - two of which have snow plows -- are focusing on highly traveled highways like Highway 75 and Highway 82.

When we told area engineer Aaron Bloom that Highway 82 through Sherman did not look like it had been plowed at all, he said they actually had moved shifted their focus to Highway 75.

Dangerous road conditions also plague Sherman city streets.

"We have a gravel ice melt mixture that we're placing on our major roadways and around our critical infrastructure such as the hospital and fire and police stations," Clay Barnett said.

Sherman's director of public works and engineering, Clay Barnett, says the city does not have any snow plows.

"That's a huge capital investment that is not utilized very often. There's other city needs that we have that we need to spend that resources on," Barnett said.

Barnett has this advice for drivers.

"Generally, if you don't need to be out, I'd stay at home."

Each county has their own TxDOT divisions, which are responsible for the major highways.

The Sherman Division has three other vehicles being used -- placing a melt solution on bridges and overpasses.

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