Day 2 of Ricky Stanley Trial

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GRAYSON CO., TX - Jurors heard testimony from witnesses in Day 2 of Ricky Trent Stanley's trial.

"Well it was a long day with a lot of evidence. The jury was very attentive. A lot of law enforcement testimony about what happened out there that day," said Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown.

A sergeant described to the jury how he administered CPR to Deputy Key right after the crash, and another trooper shed tears as he told the jury, "my life flashed before my eyes" as Stanley's vehicle came within just a few feet of him.

Jurors watched two different dash cam videos from that night which prosecutors say show Stanley's vehicle hitting Deputy Key. They also saw photos from the debris field, with Deputy Key's wallet and ID cards strewn about.

"It's a good jury. They're taking notes and they're interested. I think it's going to be good for justice," said Brown.

Prosecutors say a left boot and even his wedding ring were separated from Key's body during the impact.

Jurors also saw pictures and video of the vehicle Stanley was allegedly driving, which contained beer bottles and caps.

A TX DPS trooper, certified in crash investigations, constructed a scaled diagram showing where items were found at the scene of the accident. But Stanley's defense attorney noted in court the lack of a full reconstruction from the accident.

District Attorney Joe Brown says blood alcohol results will be released Wednesday.

But in court, a trooper who arrested Stanley said he smelled strongly of alcohol and had red glassy eyes, while swaying and sightly slurring his words.

Brown also tells News 12 Wednesday the jury will hear from witnesses who can further establish what Stanley was doing the night of the accident.