Declaration of Emergency approved to repair Bonham ISD field house roof

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BONHAM, TX -- After some heavy damage to Bonham ISD's field house during last weeks storms school board members took action tonight to speed up the repairs.

Strong winds blew parts of the baseball and tennis fences down and some minor damage was done to the press box, but it was the old field house that took the biggest hit. Most of the roof was stripped right off.

"We just saw the damage afterwards and we were all thankful that nobody was hurt," Lauri Blake said.

Lauri Blake who helps coach a summer track team says practice was cancelled for a couple of days due to all of the debris from the roof. Bonham ISD Superintendent Sonny Cruse says the old field house is used to store pee wee football equipment and house visiting teams when they come to play. He says they want to get it fixed quickly since school starts in about two months. That is why tonight they approved a Declaration of Emergency with the school's insurance company.

"If you declare an emergency then we don't have to advertise in the paper for two weeks, take proposals and bids. So it can be repaired much more quickly," Cruse said.

Cruse says with the emergency declaration the roof should be fixed in about two weeks instead of four.

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