Denison Animal Shelter's first adoption event

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DENISON, TX - A Denison animal shelter held its first ever animal adoption event on Saturday.

The Denison Animal Welfare Group teamed up with the city pound Saturday to hold the event in the hopes of finding their animals a forever home.

It was held that the Morton Street Animal Hospital from 9a.m. to 3 p.m..

One of the employees for the welfare group says a pet can be adopted after filling out a little paperwork and paying a $75 adoption fee.

"Some may say that that may seem a little high, but actually it's not in the scheme of things. It includes a spay or neuter and a rabies shot. And our organization has put in a little extra for a booster shot for the animals," said volunteer Natalie Hulsey.

The group hopes to hold the adoption event every other week from now on.