Denison City Council approves incentive package for new apartment complex

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DENISON, TX -- There could soon be some new housing in Denison geared at young professionals, something city officials say Denison is lacking right now. Monday the Denison City Council approved an economic incentives package that would allow the apartment complex developer to recoup some of the property tax over the next five years.

The 208 unit apartment complex would be built east of U.S. Highway 75 on Loy Lake Road. Monday the city took the next step in making the apartments a reality, but not everyone is happy about the council's decision.

By the end of this year construction on an full amenity, gated, two-story apartment complex is expected to begin on land off Loy Lake Road near Highway 75 in Denison.

"We know that there's young professionals that work in Denison that are forced to live in other communities because of the lack of that kind of housing," Johnson said.

Although Ann Auvigne agrees that Denison needs more housing she does not want it in her neighborhood.

"I just feel like it will lower the value of our property," Auvigne said.

Auvigne says she is one of dozens who expressed concerns to the city earlier this year about the apartment complex being built in their tight-knit community.

"I think the traffic is going to increase on Loy Lake Road and it's bad enough now and if any of the people that move into the apartments have small children, and they walk to and from school. It's going to be dangerous," Auvigne said.

However, Mayor Jared Johnson wants to reassure residents the city and developer Piazza Construction plan to address those issues.

"Part of Loy Lake Road. will be widened as a part of this project and then obviously security too," Johnson said.

"It looks like they could have found another location. That was our beef, which, you know probably would be anybody else's too if it was coming in their neighborhood," Auvigne

On June 2nd, the city council will vote on re-zoning additional land for the apartment complex for multi-family use.