Denison Hilton Garden Inn taking shape

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DENISON,TX---When construction is complete on the Hilton Garden Inn, it will be a big economic boost for the city.

"We really see this as a first step in the right direction for a re-invention of Denison." said Robert Hanna.

The Hilton Garden Inn in Denison is starting to take shape.

In the months since the groundbreaking in October crews have already built the steel frame and elevator shaft that can be seen from Highway.

City Manager Robert Hanna says the 17 million dollar project will be a catalyst for development.

"It's huge, it's gonna allow us to attract businesses and conventions and conferences that we haven't been able to attract before, so this is a real game changer for us." said Hanna.

The Denison city council just approved a tax increment financing zone that will allow the city to use excess tax money generated within the zone to pay for infrastructure and other projects; enticing more businesses and housing to the area.

"This just totally changes the dynamics for our tourism program." said Anna Mckinney.

"With the location being right across from Texoma Medical Center, here on Highway 75, Denison city officials say the hotel will be a major economic boost."

The boost will not only come from the hotel but from the conferences, concerts and other events that'll be held at the brand new Texoma Event Center being built next door.

Denison Chamber of Commerce director Anna Mckinney hopes the center will be a major attraction for the city.

"As people go by we'll plant that little seed, that oh we need a place for a family reunion, a meeting and Denison has that." said Mckinney.

The 5-story hotel will have 120 rooms, 20,000 square feet of space for business meetings, a pool and restaurant.

With two other restaurants already planned for construction outside the hotel, the city hopes that the surrounding area continues to grow and becomes a major win for Denison.

"My hope is that within the next 5 years, you'll drive through this portion of Denison on U.S. 75 and you'll see a completely different thumbprint." said Hanna.

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