Denison ISD awards local company construction bid for Munson Stadium

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DENISON, TX -- It's a $5.8 million project - and the money is staying right here.

"in all the construction we've done, we've tried to use local people," DISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott said.

Which is one reason why the district is awarding Plyler Construction the contract to renovate Munson Stadium - in addition to bidding a lower price.

"A lot of people that are employed there live in Denison," Scott said. "In fact they've got several of their employees, they've got kids in our schools."

Company VP David Plyler said the project is a big deal for the area.

"Not only the workers on the project but also the suppliers, everybody else involved in the construction trade, get a lift for the whole project," he said.

Scott said a lot of the credit for the renovations goes to individuals in the Denison area.

"We project right now, we have right at $3 million from the community," he said.

He said the remaining $2.8 milllion will come from district funds. They're still negotiating the minor cost details of the project, he said.

"I think the community is really gonna be excited, because it's gonna be a real upgrade," Scott said.

Renovating the current stadium is only half the cost of building a new one, Scott said. And it also preserves the downtown atmosphere.

"Supporting our merchants and supporting the city of Denison. And all of that combined is a good thing," he said.

Plyler, who's company has also worked on Austin College's Apple Stadium, said they plan to start construction on Munson November 11.

"We really feel that we have some ownership. And when they attend games afterwards, and things of that, it's really a since of pride for all of us," Plyler said.

They expect the project to be complete in July 2014, just in time for football season.

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