Denison ISD says Munson Stadium will be ready for graduation

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DENISON,TX - School officials say Munson Stadium will be ready in time for graduation.

In less than a month, 280 students will walk out onto the Munson Stadium field to cross the stage during their graduation, but as you can see, there's still some work to be done.

"We're trying to get all the final details worked out, for of course, this year's graduation ceremony," said Plyler Construction project manager Keith Citty.

The graduation is set for June 7th, so Monday morning Denison ISD and Plyler Construction officials met to go over some last minute details.

"They'll be a few adjustments made, but I think it'll go over well," said Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott.

Scott says since the ceremony will take place in a venue that's still under construction, handicap accommodations and crowd control were some key areas they needed addressed.

"It's gonna happen with the seating, the handicapped seating on the field, the bleacher seating up there," said Citty.

"All the families can come together, they can sit together, and we're not going to have to turn anybody away," said Scott.

Scott says the construction crew plans to build a ramp for those who need assistance to the handicapped seating area on the field, and there will be a construction fence put up around the east side of the stadium for crowd control.

Construction on the press box, the locker rooms, and the rest of the stadium is expected to be finished in August, in time for the first football game.

"We knew it was a really big deal for the city of Denison, and we just tried to do whatever we could to make this happen," said Citty.

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