Denison Police investigating fatal shooting at motel

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DENISON, TX -- Police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened at Budget Inn on S. Austin Street Sunday night.

Police Lt. Mike Eppler said a 41-year-old Denison man knocked on the motel room door of a 49-year-old man.

"The person who knocked on the door, after entering the apartment, started assaulting the person that lived there," Eppler said.

But Police say the motel resident had a gun - and fatally shot his attacker.

Police are not releasing names or motive for the attack at this point.

"It's still under investigation right now, plus the kin of the deceased has not been notified," Eppler said. said.

Adra Sheppard heard the gun fire Sunday night.

"three shots. Pow pow pow," she said. "We looked out the window and over at the motel there it was."

She across the street from the Budget Inn where the shooting happened.

"I left my kids here with my mom, I walked over there, and there was a guy laying on the floor," she said.

Wayne Walton says he used to live at the Budget Inn...but he moved last week because he didn't feel safe staying there.

"I'm not gonna jeopardize my children. We'll go to the lake, Lake Bonham, and sleep in my truck. I got tents," he said.

Sheppard said it's usually a quiet area. But now she's second-guessing the area's safety.

"Yeah, it's very scary, I couldn't sleep last night at all," she said.

Police haven't made an arrest yet.

"When we finish the investigation, we will present a case to the district attorney's office for review," Eppler said.

Police say no one else was injured or involved in the incident. Owners of the Budget Inn declined to comment on the situation.