Denison celebrates Ike's birthday

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DENISON, TX -- Hundreds are remembering a hero today in Denison. This weekend organizers are saying 'happy birthday, Ike' in a big way.

That is the sound of a World War II battle, all in celebration of Denison's hometown President, Dwight D. Eisenhower. If there's one thing for sure, the visitors all commend him.

"I like Ike!"
"I like Ike!"

People of all ages were able to come out to the Eisenhower birthplace to enjoy the battle reenactment, just one of the dozens of events for the President's 122nd birthday.

"Not only was he the President of the United States. He was the first leader of NATO. He led American forces in two of the three invasions of Europe during WWII being North Africa and Italy. And then he was the Commander and Chief of all armies during D Day. He's earned a dedication like this," Denison Main Street Advisory Board Chairman, Doug Coleman said.

"He really helped the country out. A lot of his decisions for the military saved a lot of lives," veteran Robert Foster said.

A C-47 flew over the Eisenhower monument. Eisenhower was not the only one recognized. More than 2,200 veterans, whose names are marked on these bricks at the monument, were all commended.

"We have people here from all walks of life you name it. We have Air Force, Army, Coast Guard all branches of service," Coleman said.

Denison is rolling out all the stops to keep the memory of Eisenhower alive, and many believe events like this are important.

"We have very few heroes. And the people like him that we celebrate need to be carried on. And it needs to go from generation to generation," Foster said.

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