Denison city council approves streetscape master plan

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DENISON, TX-It's been six months in the making and Monday, Denison city officials approved the master plan for downtown's streetscape project.

Main Street Director, Donna Dow said the goal of the project is to improve downtown streets and sidewalks making them wider and ADA accessible. The plans also include adding plants on sidewalks to add visual appeal.

City manager, Robert Hanna said the project will cost $750,000. The city has applied for TxDOT's $600,000 grant to help fund the project and the city will pay for the remaining 20 percent.

"It doesn't mean that the city's going out and bulldozing everything. Serpentine is not coming back, but it is an opportunity for staff to follow a guide," he said.

Hanna said they will find out from TxDOT if they will receive the grant by October.

Denison city officials also approved the addition of a third code enforcement officer for the city's Community Development Division.

Hanna said the new officer will be assigned in the low-to-moderate income housing areas to keep an eye out for sub-standard properties, trash and litter and illegal placement of signs. He said the Community Development Block Grant program will help pay for 90 percent of the new officer's salary.

The city will start accepting applications for the position in two months.

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