Denison divers ready for potential accidents at Lake Texoma

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DENISON,TX -- A local fire department's diving team is on deck to help rescue anyone who might have trouble at Lake Texoma this summer.

With Memorial Day weekend about to begin, fire officials say if you're out on the lake, use caution and think before you make a mistake.

When Denison Assistant Fire Chief Bill Ray goes out on Lake Texoma, it's not for recreation.

"We've been out several times and recovered several persons from the lake," said Ray.

The Denison fire department bought a boat and all the equipment with about $60,000 in federal grant money, back in 2012.

It can fit 15 people, and on board is sonar technology, walkie talkies, radios; everything the dive team would need in a search and rescue or recovery operation.

They recently used the boat and it's high tech equipment to find the body of a woman who drove into the lake and three other drownings over the past two years.

Ray says when you're out on the lake, just being careful can save your life.

"You got to think in advance; think ahead of yourself. Is what I'm doing going to cause injury to me or somebody else," said Ray.

Since this boat has been in service, the dive team has recovered four bodies in searches at Lake texoma.

Chad Lemons is one of the divers.

"I've actually been on 3 of the 4 recoveries we've done," said Lemons.

He says he's dived 70 times in the lake, in various temperatures and says at times, the water is so murky and dark it can be hard to find someone.

"Basically you can hold your hand out in front of you and with the light you can see, and when you turn the light off you can't see your hand," said Lemons.

Ray says alcohol and carelessness play big roles in accidents on the water.

"We'll come out at any time, but we'd rather not, so safety is the biggest issue, and we'd love for everyone to stay safe this summer," said Ray.

Ray says people tend to drown at the shallow areas at the lake, so he says if you're swimming, be extra careful.