Denison family of 8 receives new home from Habitat for Humanity

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DENISON, TX -- It started with a Google Search.

"In that I looked up the Habitat for Humanity," said Keisha Taylor, Habitat for Humanity home recipient.

Taylor said she filled out an application with the Grayson County Habitat for Humanity Chapter about a year ago.

And on Sunday, Habitat handed over the keys.

Three hundred volunteers and more than 3,800 hours went into building the four bedroom, two bath house for the family of eight.

"It's exciting. You know that it's people helping you," Taylor said.

And the family put more than 500 hours themselves into building their home.

"Knowing that you have helped with every inch of it, makes it more important and a blessing to live in it," said Shona Taylor, Keisha's husband.

Right now, Shona, Keisha and their six kids are living with other family members. They say can't wait to have more space.

"I mean, I can send them outside, where they can have their own freedom and run around. And they're own room, which means I don't have to hear them fussing and fighting the whole time," Shona said.

And the kids are excited about only sharing a room with one other person - instead of a whole family.

"It's crowded. And people get annoying when you are in a room together for so long," said Shania Taylor, one of four daughters.

The organization will hold one more work day on Wednesday. The family plans to move in next weekend.

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