Denison firefighters play ball honoring one of their own

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DENISON, TX -- Area firemen and residents played ball in honor of a Denison firefighter who lost his life too soon.

Saturday, teams gathered for some friendly competition for the second annual Robert T. Jones softball tournament, to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

Jones died from the cancer in 2011. His mother Rhonda says men who catch it early have a great survival rate.

A group of Jones's graduating class formed a team... Playing in his honor.

"Just knowing somebody that close, that young that goes through cancer like that, it's a scary thought. And if we can get out here and help them raise a little money, and one more person finds out, it's worth it," Randy Pendergrass said.

Last year, the tournament raised more than $7,000 for awareness and research. They plan to surpass that amount this year.

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