Denison residents evacuated during grass fire

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DENISON, TEXAS -- Heat, high winds and dry conditions caused a mobile home fire to burn out of control off East FM 120 in Denison Sunday afternoon.

"Once the grass fire started, it was hard to get in front of and stop it," Denison Fire Chief Gordon Weger said.

As the fire spread, emergency managers issued a CodeRED alert to evacuate the area from River Oaks to Gun Club Road.

"The decision was made to go ahead and call for evacuation, just in case, to go ahead and give people a heads up because it was traveling north," Denison Fire Captain Mark Escamilla said.

Chief Weger says his department is one of seven that responded.

Their main concern was protecting nearby neighborhoods from the flames.

"They stopped it from any other structures. I do believe we lost a couple of cars, maybe a boat," Weger said.

Nondas Bullard and the Sisters of Firemen League were on scene to help firefighters and those evacuating their homes.

"We come out here and bring water and snacks and wet cold towels and we're here for them; we bring them shade, we bring them chairs," Bullard said.

Residents were allowed back into their homes shortly after the fire.

Weger says he's thankful that no one was injured and that there were minimal losses Sunday.

"Grass fires can be dangerous and not only dangerous, it can be costly. It can burn your house; it can burn everything you've got," Weger said.

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