Denison man arrested for tax fraud totaling more than $15,000

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DENISON, TX -- A Denison man is behind bars after admitting to stealing thousands of dollars in tax refunds, and there could more victims.

Jeron Glen Powell is accused of defrauding at least 10 people and there may be more.

Investigators say he prepared several people's taxes in Grayson County, and then stole their refunds.

He may have done the same thing in Fannin and Cooke counties.

Grayson County Sheriff's Lieutenant Rickey Wheeler says they caught 35-year old Jeron Glen Powell stealing $15,000 in tax refunds.through an undercover sting.

Once in custody, he says Powell admitted to the fraud.

"Right now there's about 10 people, and we're thinking there's about 20 to 30 out there and we encourage them to come forward because if not then the IRS will be contacting you," Wheeler said.

Wheeler says Powell recruited clients by charging $500 to prepare their taxes and guaranteeing a refund of at least $3-6,000 or more, then knowingly put false information on the forms.

"He filled them out inaccurately," Wheeler said. "He put on there that they were students, and a lot of the people didn't even see their tax returns and he just sent them in, and the amount was actually sent back to him in pay cards."

Wheeler says Powell also allegedly used that money to gamble at WinStar Casino.

Powell is being held at the Grayson County Jail for theft of $1,500 - $20,000.

Wheeler says if Powell has your tax information or has completed your taxes to contact law enforcement.

Certified Public Accountant, Pete Kloppers, says clients should always review their tax return forms themselves to make sure all the information is correct.

"Be sure to read the returns before send off," Kloppers said. "Verify that the addresses on the return is what it should be. Specifically make sure that if you have a refund, if you are lucky enough to get a refund, that that refund is being routed and direct deposited into your account."

Kloppers also says to make sure the accountant is reputable.

"The best approach is to having your tax returns prepared is to go to a licensed individual, a certified public accountant, an enrolled agent, someone who the IRS monitors closely," said Kloppers.

Kloppers says you can find a list of licensed accountants on the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy website and the IRS website.

Texas State Board of Public Accountancy


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