Denison police propose adding traffic enforcement unit

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DENISON, TX-More officers may soon hit the streets in Denison after residents raised concerns about drivers speeding through their neighborhoods.

Shavonda Lyndade keeps a close eye on her cousins every time they play outside because she said drivers are always speeding through her Morgan street neighborhood.

"I see people going a good 40 to 75 like I have my little cousins who come out here and play, we have to watch him very carefully because we never know when we'll see cars come speeding around this area," she said.

She's also had her share of close calls.

"Fear, you can't always be scared of something but you'll just have to take your safety precautions. If someone's not being safe for you, you'll have to be safe for yourself," she said.

Denison City Manager, Robert Hanna said residents like Lyndade voiced their concerns about speeders and a lack of police presence in their neighborhoods. That's why the police department has proposed adding a traffic enforcement unit.

"Traffic enforcement units in other towns and other communities, they've been very successful in driving down the number accidents in the community. Typically they hired a presence of a traffic unit causing people to slow down," he said.

Hanna said putting more boots on the ground would increase the department's efficiency.

"By the hiring of two additional officers, we're able to better utilize our existing officers for other patrol opportunities and help reduce crime throughout all the neighborhoods rather than having them sitting at the side of the road doing traffic enforcement," he said.

"We do need more police officers to take care of that kind of thing, because you never know when someone would run a stop sign and injure someone very badly," said Lyndade.

Hanna said the proposed traffic enforcement unit will be back on the agenda at the next council meeting for further discussion. City counselors are expected to make a decision by September.

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