Denison residents donate building to Salvation Army for holiday donations

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SHERMAN, TX -- Volunteers sort and pack away donations in a spacious, empty building for the Salvation Army.

It's an annual routine for the organization. Except this year, the building and utilities are free.

"That's been a great donation to us, allowing us to use this building." It's beautiful parking, it's in a great spot, and I know it's gonna do a lot of good this year," said Major Don Wildish, Grayson County commanding officer.

Denison residents Lacy and Dorothy Harber donated the building for the holiday season.

Wildish said it'll save them around $7,000.

"That money's going right back into helping children at Christmas time, and families," he said. "And so it'll go to a lot of great use."

John Munson - who handles the Harbers' finances - said the idea started with Board Member Bobby Reynolds.

"We went and talked to Mr. Harber about it, and he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such a good deal," Munson said.

Munson describes the Harbers as a family always willing to give back.

"They're hard working. Good people," he said. "Very good people."

Wildish said the 18,000 square feet will fill up quickly. And that's why they need a building for the holiday season.

"So it's a lot of work before Christmas to make it all happen and get it all organized," Wildish said. "And it takes a lot of people, it takes a lot of help."

Munson said the Harber's are working with the Salvation Army to donate the building permanently.

They hope to have the deal finalized by in January.

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