Denison residents form new group to regularly fix-up downtown streets

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DENISON, TX -- They may look like a charity race group, but these Denison residents aren't looking for a finish line.

Instead, they're looking for dirty windows, dirty building interiors, broken windows or sidewalks in need of repair.

This is the first official Main Street walk for this group of volunteers - known as "the Crew."

George Gravley, a volunteer, said they pick up trash and make punch lists of quick fixes.

"Any improvements that we can think of, like plants, or anything thing we can do to make downtown look better," he said.

On Thursday, the group met at Country Java to officially kick off the project. They've made three test walks already, and are steadily picking up volunteers.

Donna Dow, Denison Main Street director, said they have 15 members - up from 10 last week. She said they will walk the area three days a week - but they're hoping to add more days.

"With the extra volunteers, we're going to be able to walk Crawford, Chestnut and Woodard," she said. "And the alleys."

One of the crews first projects was fixing up a fence on Woodard St. It's an example of a small project the group can do themselves, to make the streets more aesthetically pleasing.

"And if it's something that the city public works needs to do, then we report it to someone at city hall. And they take care of it," Gravley said.

Marla Heath, owner of Antiques on Main, wants to make sure downtown put it's best foot forward - everyday.

"It is very important to me, that we call get together, and make sure downtown is a safe, a happy, a clean place," she said.

Dow said anyone wanting to get involved can call the Main Street office, or talk to one of the volunteers in the bright yellow shirts.

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