Denison welcomes new Caterpillar employees

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DENISON, TX -- Denison officially welcomed new employees to town Tuesday.

Caterpillar employees were treated to food and drinks at a welcome reception with city leaders and residents.

In June, Caterpillar announced it would expand it's operation in Denison, adding 70 employees. Construction of the new offices inside the Chase Bank building is complete. So far, nearly 50 Caterpillar employees have been added.

City leaders say the expansion is great for the local economy.

"It's huge. Especially for our downtown area, any kind of traffic we get for our downtown restaurants and merchants. We're really looking to help support those folks. You know, it's important for Denison to have a vibrant downtown. For any small town, we need our downtown area to thrive. And adding another 70 employees will just go to further help that," Denison Mayor Pro Tem, Matt Hanley, said.

25 more employees are expected to be added in the near future.

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