Denison students graduate from GREAT program

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DENISON, TX-- Graduation ceremonies are still weeks away, but some Denison middle schoolers finished their classes today.

For 17 years, seventh grade B. McDaniel Middle School students have been taking part in the "GREAT" program.

Sponsored by the Denison Police Department, the main goal is to teach kids about gang resistance. But it also touches on other issues seventh graders may encounter, like drugs and alcohol, and teaches them communication skills and anger management.

Denison police officers who teach the GREAT program said the students took a lot of knowledge away from the class.

"They probably aren't going to pick up on everything off of that, but eventually they will. At least I planted the seed there, so it's in their head," said Mark Hillard, Denison Police Officer.

The program lasts 13 weeks. Over 300 students graduate from the program every year.