Dense fog causes potential danger on the roadways

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Less than two weeks ago, police say dense fog led to this accident off Highway 69/75 in Durant, making it nearly impossible for a semi truck driver to see, causing him to slam into two cars and another semi backed up on the highway.

Tuesday, dense fog filled Texoma skies once again.

"The roads get a little bit slick because there's condensation on the roads and so then you have a slicker road than sometimes even on ice," Sgt. DM Hampton with Sherman police said.

Hampton says low visibility increases the likelihood for accidents. He recommends switching on your fog lights, but not your brights.

"People might think there's an opportunity to turn on your bright lights and that actually does more harm than good. It actually reflects the light off the fog, into your face so you have less visibility," Hampton said.

He also suggests using your windshield wipers and defrost systems, giving yourself plenty of space between vehicles and taking it slowly.

"You just need to give yourself a little room, there again, slow down, give yourself a little more room to be able to brake," Hampton said.

88 year-old Jack Henderson says he's never been in a car accident and that could be because he's extra careful when driving in fog.

"I always try to see where I'm going. That's the thing: I don't use phones when I'm driving, I don't text. I keep my eyes on the road, which is where everybody should be," Henderson said.

Hampton says his greatest advice is to avoid driving in fog altogether.

"The best thing to do is just to delay the trip if you can," Hampton said.

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