Dickson native loses home in Moore tornado

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Weslie Moore sifted through his memories after the tornado in Moore hit his home.

The Dickson native graduated in 2004, and moved to Moore two years ago with his wife and three children. But he's stayed close to his roots.

"Comet pride, it lasts forever," said Moore. "I promise."

When the storm hit about two weeks ago, Weslie was at work. But he didn't stay long after seeing the radar.

"I didn't say anything, I just kind of stood up, told my boss I was going to need some time to leave and I left work," Moore said.

After weathering out the night with his family at his mother-in-laws, Weslie found out the tornado had pushed in his garage door, broken his windows and taken out parts of his roof.

He and his family had nothing except for some clothes and other items they had salvaged, but then he got a call from Dickson Public Schools.

"They had heard about what happened, and like anybody else from Dickson, they want to help," Moore said.

Dickson schools superintendent Sherry Howe said when she heard what happened to Weslie, the school district asked for donations for him at their spring football game.

"He was one of our kids, he's just grown up there, the school was his family and we were his family," said Howe.

The fundraiser put more than $2,500 cash into Weslie's hands.

"I'm rejoicing inside with jubilee because everybody's that's extended favors, people back home, people I haven't talked to in 4, 5, 6 years," he said.

Weslie and his family are living in an apartment and have signed a six month lease while they work with their insurance company.

If you want to donate to Weslie and his family, you can send them to Stillwater National Bank
C/O Tara Moore tornado relief
8101 S Walker Ave. Suite B
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139

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