Director of Grayson County Health Department speaks at Bells City Council meeting about water issues

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BELLS, TX -- After several water main breaks that led to boil orders in the city of Bells, the Grayson County Health Department weighed in on the safety of the water at Tuesday night's city council meeting. The council also shared with News 12 their plans for fixing the problems.

Grayson County Health Director John Teel addressed concerned residents of Bells at the City Council meeting Tuesday night.

"We certainly would like for them to realize that the Bells portable water system is a good system. It's a safe system," Teel said.

Since November, Bells has experienced at least five issues with their water including water main breaks that forced the city to issue several boil orders.

"The trouble with a boil water advisory for any customers, whether its residents or businesses, is that you really can't do anything with the water. Your not supposed to wash your hands. You certainly can flush your commodes. You're not supposed to bathe with it. You're certainly not supposed to cook with it or drink with it," Teel said.

Newly appointed mayor Angela LeBlanc blames the breaks on old infrastructure.

"Our systems are just older systems and we're trying to get as much of it replaced as possible," LeBlanc said.

She says the water system is a top priority and the city is doing everything it can to fix the problems.

"We're trying to get it modernized and fixed and due to budgetary reasons we're having to do it a little at a time," LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc says the city is considering holding a bond election to help pay to replace old pipes. During Tuesday night's meeting the council also discussed hiring an engineering firm to estimate how much the repairs would cost.

"The citizens deserve good working water and we want to make sure we work in that direction," LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc says the city has already hired a consultant who is mapping out the piping and getting systems in place to help them move in the right direction.