Disc golf is becoming a popular Texoma sport

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DENISON, TEXAS -- Americans could have a new favorite pastime. Disc golfers say disc golf is the world's fastest growing recreational sport. Here in Denison, we have the only course in a 45 minute radius.

"Get out of the house. You get to get out with your friends," disc golfer Donald Donahue Jr said.

"This kind of gives me a break. Somewhere to relax," player Ryan Young said.

Disc golfers say the sport has been a big hit in DFW for a while, but go by Denison's Munson Park any day of the week and you're bound to see discs flying.

"We see a lot of people out there that are from Denison that are playing daily," Denison Parks and Recreation official Robert Lay said.

Among the players, a Sherman dad and his two sons, who say they've connected on the course.

"When I get older and have kids, I'm going to bring them out disc golfing because I know it's fun hanging out with my brother and my dad," Michael Sorrels said of his dad, Mike Sorrels, and brother, Mitchell Sorrels.

"Just another way to bring families and the community together," Mike said.

"The best shot I've made is like my dad over here said, my one ace," Mitchell said.

If you're not trying to ace a hole, there are other benefits to the course. It could help you...

"Lose weight. My aim right now is 170. I was 295 when I came out here. I'm 230 right now," disc golfer Aaron Armstrong said.

Aaron says he never would've lost this weight without the course.

"I would still be playing video games. I even cut out video games altogether," Armstrong said.

It's not just Texomans reaping the benefits. People from the metroplex have been driving in to play the 18-hole, mile and a half long course that's not even a year old.

"You know, if people are coming into your town, hopefully they're stopping along the way and buying food in your community," Lay said.

Right now, Denison has the monopoly on disc golf in Texoma.

"We kinda got the market cornered right now to get people to come out," Lay said.

Sherman Parks and Rec officials say the city could have a disc golf course in the near future, if the city council approves it as part of the city's budget.

"I think it'd be great if Sherman got a course. They have plenty of parks," Mike said.

In Denison, Allison Harris, First News.

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