Downtown Sherman traffic flow changes Saturday

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SHERMAN, TX-After two years of planning, the Sherman Downtown Streetscape project is almost complete, but not all drivers are happy about it.

Crews spent Friday working on traffic lights preparing for the change in traffic flow around the courthouse in Downtown Sherman. Helen Jones said she's looking forward to the changes.

"I think that it's going to be working so much better. This is the way it was when I was first here and I like that you don't have to worry about someone turning in front of you on the street," she said.

But another driver, Crystal Haddick said it'll be confusing.

"I'm gonna try to avoid it by going a different route because it's gonna be bad. Because with all these diesels and cars and everything going through here, we ain't gonna be able to do it everyday," she said.

But Sherman Mayor, Bill Magers said converting the courthouse square into one-way streets will be safer for drivers.

"By doing the counterclockwise, two lanes it will be much safer. You're gonna have a left turn only lane without having to cross traffic. City lanes in the downtown square will be made A.D.A. compatible," he said.

Magers said the change is part of the $600,000 Downtown Streetscape Project. It'll convert Travis street to northbound only around the courthouse and Crockett street southbound.

He said it will add 12 new parking spots and the single lanes making it easier for visitors to back up.

"We have changed the square as the city needs have changed and I think once that you get used to these changes, it will be real positive," Magers said.

All streets around the courthouse will be one lane starting Saturday at 7 a.m.

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