Downtown Sherman "Streetscape Project" underway

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Sidewalks are crumbling and caution tape is stretched across downtown Sherman, all to make the area more beautiful and accessible.

The city's streetscape project is underway.

"This is a project that was a contest actually between Sherman and Pottsboro for some TXDOT grant moneys to help pedestrian traffic in their downtowns," Sherman Mayor Bill Magers said.

And, you guessed it!

"Sherman won! And so we went to work," Magers said.

TXDOT is footing the majority of the bill for the downtown renovations. The total cost is $600,000 dollars. TXDOT is paying for more than half of that.

"You know, every small city in Texas works and struggles with downtown and how we get folks to downtown and businesses downtown. This is going to be a big help for us," Magers said.

Sandi Key of Sandi's Boutique in Kelly Square Mall agrees that this project will help her business.

"I'm all for that because it was just do nothing but bring more business in. And the construction is just something that's just part of it. It's going to be kind of a minimal problem for a while," Key said.

The construction will make the sidewalks wider, change how traffic flows downtown and add landscaping.

"The traffic flow is going to have a wheelhouse approach where the cars circle better around the square. It will also help traffic flow and we're going to increase parking spaces by 17 parking spaces," Magers said.

Magers says the project won't be finished until Thanksgiving when he's out of office, but he's proud of the work he and his council have done to enhance downtown.

"It goes hand in glove with what we as a council have tried to do. We tried to focus on necessities. We tried to focus on our downtown area, not using taxpayer dollars necessarily, but using other means of funding," Magers said.

Sandi says there's already a buzz downtown about the renovations.

"Just the excitement and talking about it has already brought new business down so this can only help it," Key said.

In Sherman, Allison Harris, First News.

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