Dozens arrested in Grayson county for statewide warrant roundup

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GRAYSON CO, TX-Grayson county law enforcement got an early start Wednesday cracking down on hundreds of people with outstanding warrants for the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.

Officers were still knocking on doors late Wednesday night, serving warrants for the statewide warrant roundup. I went along for the ride with Grayson county sheriff's deputies, who told me residents were given plenty of time to take care of their warrants.

A Denison woman was one of dozens of people arrested in Grayson county Wednesday during the warrant roundup.

"A male subject down at the house tried to tell us that she wasn't there, but by his demeanor admitted that she was there. It worked out better for everyone had he just told us that she was there, which he eventually did, and we went into the house and were able to affect the arrest."

While the woman was arrested for check fraud, Sheriff's Lt. Rickey Wheeler said the warrants they served ranged from citations to felonies. He said this year, many people failed to pay fines.

"People don't pay those. They think they'll eventually go away, they don't. Some of them got arrested for that. Misdemeanor warrants, DWIs, criminal mischiefs, all the way up to felonies, possession of controlled substance, evading, tampering with evidence, endangering a child, stuff like that," he said.

So far, Grayson county law enforcement officials arrested over 20 people since 5:30 Wednesday morning and they hope to serve up to 250 warrants at the end of the day.

Wheeler said the roundup went smoothly for deputies, but for Sherman police, it was a different story.

Sgt. D.M. Hampton said two officers on their way to serve a warrant at a south Sherman home, made a separate traffic stop that landed another woman behind bars.

"They were getting ready to let the person go and they asked about a bag that she had moved over to the passenger side and asked for consent and she said no and ended up taking off in the vehicle with it," he said.

"One of our transport deputies just happened to be in the area. He was able to arrest the female from the car and she picked up an additional three felony charges on top of what she's been charged with originally," said Wheeler.

Hampton said 49-year-old Zerri Powers was arrested after she was found with drug paraphernalia and meth.

"She's looking at charges of possession of controlled substance, evading arrest in a motor vehicle and tampering with evidence and all three are felony counts," he said.

Wheeler said officers will keep serving warrants until midnight Wednesday. Grayson county will also hold it's very own warrant round up.

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