Dozens show support for Bells Superintendent at school board meeting

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BELLS, TX -- Dozens of Bells residents turned out to show their support for the superintendent at Monday's school board meeting.

Superintendent Joe Moore's contract ends in July of 2014. At a January meeting three board members voted to extend his contract. but four voted not to. Many parents and former students are angered by the majority's decision. That is why Monday they came together to support Moore and sound off on the board's decision.

About 100 people filled the Bells Auditorium to show their support for Superintendent Joe Moore.

"He's always trying to upgrade. Do the best that he could. He's always been for the children. If anyone watches him every morning when the children are coming in. When the children are leaving you would know why we all are here tonight in support of him," Terry Crumby said.

"I see what he has done under his leadership here how the school has improved," Martha Mitchusson, a former Bells teacher, said.

"I think he's a really good man. I feel like the student's best interest is always at his heart," Aubrey Pedigo, a former student, said.

During a January meeting the majority of the school board voted not to extend Moore's contract, which upset many residents.

"He's the one steering the ship, you know and in this economy and these time our school system is doing well. I mean we have a balanced budget, we have money in the bank, our drop out rates are low. You know, if you break up the team you break up the success," Jeff Dane said.

However, not everyone at the meeting felt the same way. One man spoke out saying its time for change.

"My view point is that since Joe Moore took over we went downhill and we dropped to a point and now we're steeped in mediocrity," a resident said.

Moore has served Bells schools for 28 years. Those in support of Mr. Moore say they want answers, but the school board says at this time they cannot comment on the issue at hand.

"You can't just terminate somebody because of no reason," Crumby said.

"We as tax payers put the board members in the seats they hold. We deserve an answer. We deserve at least a say 'why are you pushing Joe Moore out of the position he has," Dane asked.

Moore declined to comment on the situation instead saying the focus should be on the students.

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