Drought takes toll on Cooper Lake

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COOPER, TX - Cooper Lake has been among the hardest hit by current drought conditions in the region.

Rapidly decreasing water levels have many lake goers shying away from Cooper Lake.

"People have fear that the lake is lower than it really is and just don't take a chance of coming to the lake." said Tin Top Bait and Tackle shop owner Bud Skinner.

The Texas Water Development Board says the lake's current levels are almost ten feet below normal and at 46% capacity.

The low levels have already had an impact.

"At this time two of those (boat) ramps are closed." said Cooper State Park Manager Kody Waters. "The third one is really close to being closed, probably within next week if the lake level continues to drop."

Skinner says his is the only bait shop around the lake still in business due to the lasting drought.

"I would probably say it has cut our business back 20-25%, maybe 30." said Skinner.

According to Waters the low water levels haven't affected the wildlife, yet.

"If we continue in the drought situation we are in, there is a possibility that we could start to see some impact." said Waters.

Several cities that draw water from the lake are asking residents to cut back on water usage including: Greenville, Bonham, Cooper, Josephine, Wolfe City and Campbell.

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