Drug prevention summer programs for kids

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SHERMAN, TX -- School's out but the mission to keep kids drug-free continues for PRIDE Prevention Center. Parents interested in taking their kids to a drug prevention program, don't have to wait for the school year to start.

Members at the PRIDE Prevention Center recognize a meth problem in Grayson, Fannin, and Cooke counties. They say Cooke's is more alcohol related, Grayson has more drug and underage alcohol use and Fannin has issues with poverty and family violence. To combat this, the center is starting with the kids.

The center in Sherman offers programs this summer every Wednesday at different local agencies in those three counties.

Executive Director Geneva Yeary says, their mission is year-round prevention to an under-served age group.

"We've got the DWI offenders and we've got these offenders and we're trying to help these folks," she said. "We forget all about the kids out there and their families who are very much into that."

To make things more appealing to kids, the summer sessions include poster making contests and a comic book series.

The center's Financial Manager, Angela Howell, teaches some of the programs with a different book each session.

"It's Slick Tracy and their comic books," Howell explains. "So the kids get to interact and actually read the characters, be a character in the comic strip and that makes it a lot of fun."

Kids can enjoy interactive activities on not just tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention but violence, bullying and family unity as well.

Although the center mainly helps local kids and their families, they say they always keep the bigger picture in mind.

"If we continue to do prevention then hopefully in the next 25 years, there will be a huge change in this country," said Yeary.

"That's the reward," continued Howell. "That you teach one and it goes on and it goes on so at the end of it is a reward. Sometimes we don't always get that reward in the beginning but in the end, it is beautiful."

The Pride Prevention Center is a dba of the Substance Abuse Council that has been in business for 26 years.

Programs are held every Wednesday through July 25th.
7/11 Bonham Housing Authority
7/18 Fannin County Housing Authority
7/25 Cooke County Boys and Girls Club

For times and further details, you can visit PRIDE Prevention Center on Facebook, the Substance Abuse Council website http://www.sachelp.org or call (903) 892-9911.

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