"Drumming for Learning" teaches students with music

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At Plainview Primary Elementary, children pre-k through second grade have been putting knowledge to a beat, and tonight they're showing off what they've learned.

The principal said students are falling in step.

"I've been visiting with the children this week and they've all told me things such as, 'I can remember easier when I do it to music.,'" said Lisa Moore, the school's principal.

For the past week these students have learned reading, math and science by reciting information to the beat of a drum. This program, Drumming for Learning, was invented by a former teacher--who said that this is how our minds naturally learn.

"You have kids here who can't remember their vocabulary words, but they can remember every lyric to a song," Allan Johnson said, who taught Drumming for Learning. "So what I do is utilize what the brain already wants to do."

Plainview Schools paid for the lessons through donations, it's Parents in Action group and the school itself.

Tonight's concert will show parents what their kids have learned and how they've learned.They play, rap and dance their way to better retention. At least one parent is looking forward to seeing the results.

"They've done it only for a short period of time, and I just can't wait to see them, so excited," said Brandi Singleton, who has two children in the performance.

Moore said she's already seeing results with this teaching method, proving students can not just march but learn to the beat of a different drum.

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