Durant banks lose thousands of dollars on credit card fraud

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DURANT, OK-Thursday, several banks are assuring customers their personal information is safe after more than one hundred credit and debit card numbers were stolen from five Durant banks and tens of thousands of dollars lost.

Durant police have joined with the Secret Service to help investigate the crimes. So far, investigators said they've seen 60 times the number of fraud cases they normally see in a year and they're afraid they'll see even more surface because it could take a while to find the thieves.

First United Bank CEO, Greg Massey said recently several clients reported suspicious activity in their accounts.

"We are trying to pinpoint where the fraud took place, that way we can identify customers that may have had a fraudulent activity to their account so we have notified most of our customers and have them be aware that something could happen," he said.

"In the first part of the week, one of the local banks noticed some irregularities in some of their local accounts were having some transactions, numerous ATM transactions in California. They started keeping an eye on it."

Durant police Lt. Chris Marcy said First United Bank is one of five Durant banks that reported the fraudulent activity. He said he believes the card numbers were stolen when customers made purchases at a Durant business, but they don't know which one.
Possibly with a skimming device that captures credit card data when attached to the top of a legitimate scanner.

"We have just been randomly picked and it's a very intelligent crime to be able to pick up this information," said Massey.

Marcy said they see two to three cases of bank fraud every year, but this year about 127 card numbers have been compromised with an estimated loss of $62,000.

"Unfortunately, with this many people being involved, number one, is a problem where trying to pinpoint where the credit card numbers have been compromised. The other problem that we're encountering right now is it's the Christmas season, people are using their debit cards and credit cards more," he said.

Marcy said banks continue to come forward.

"We have a bank in Hugo that has been a victim and two banks in Atoka that we just learned today that are victims," he said.

That's why Massey said keep a close eye on your accounts.

"Be sure and monitor them. With people with mobile applications now, you can check your accounts daily very simply and also make sure on a monthly basis you got through every transaction," he said.

Marcy said if you find something irregular in your account, contact your bank and local law enforcement.