Durant church contemplates dropping Boy Scout troop because of BSA ruling

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DURANT, OK- A Durant church consider dropping their Boy Scout troop after the Boy Scouts of America made the historic ruling to allow openly gay youths into the program.

The First Baptist Church in Durant has sponsored the Boy Scouts since 1946 and Pastor James Robinson said since the National Council ruled to allow openly gay youths to join the troops, they are considering to withdraw their troop's charter.

Robinson said they've been talking about withdrawing sponsorship of their Boy Scout troop for over a year. He said they were prepared when the Boy Scouts of America ruled to allow openly gay youths to the program last May.

"We knew what we have to do, it didn't make it easy because of this history because of what we want to project as a place where people could come," he said.

Robinson said the BSA's decision goes against their church's teachings.

"Boy Scouts basically said that they believe that the homosexual lifestyle is an acceptable lifestyle, which we disagree with," he said.

He said it could also pose as a liability issue if they keep sponsoring the program.

"Boy Scouts go on Boy Scout trips and if you have someone who took basically a stand of a different kind of sexual orientation if you please, it's gonna put boys in compromising situations that we don't believe we should ever ever do," he said.

Texomans are divided on the church's decision.

"It's fair. Because due to the fact is gays, like in the military, when they put them in the military has caused enough problems," said Harold Huebner.

"I do think that's wrong because it's a Christian facility so I do believe come as you are. Don't base someone off because of their sexuality," said Janeshia Lewis.

"We're gonna do what what we believe is right for our own conscience, for our own belief for us and for our situation," said Robinson.

Robinson said they are looking into creating an alternative program, but said it's a hard decision to sever their ties from an organization they're proudly been a part of for over 65 years.

"I regret this, and it's really not us leaving scouts. It's Boy Scouts of America leaving us, in my opinion," he said.

The church's Boy Scout committee will make the final decision whether to withdraw the charter in August. Robinson said any Boy Scouts sponsored by his church are welcome to join other troops in the area.

The resolution that allows openly gay youths to join the Boy Scouts of America will take effect January 1st.

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