Durant fire sparks conversation about fire prevention

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DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- After last summer's grassfires, many Texomans are aware of the dangers of starting fires outdoors, but a fire this morning in Durant has sparked conversation about how to prevent fires from happening in your own front yard.

A hot day started even hotter this morning for one Durant family. The shed in front of Deanna Laymon's home caught fire.

"Flames just come bursting from inside the storage building out," Laymon said.

As for what started the fire...

"We don't know what caused the fire. I know that the firefighters said they didn't know, it was a mystery to them and they would be investigating it," Laymon said.

Durant firefighters say summertime fires like this one aren't unlikely.

"We do see a higher incidence of fires during the summer. Typically it has to do with people's activities. They have a chance to get out more and burn brush and that sorts of thing," Durant fireman Collin Gordon said.

Gordon says during the summer, the heat itself increases the chance of fire.

"So the hotter it gets or the drier materials become and the easier it is to ignite," Gordon said.

Gordon adds that when it comes to your home, oils and chemicals, whether sitting around or on wet rags, can get hot and spark flames.

"Having those rags completely dried out before you stow them is very important," Gordon said.

Another backyard fire danger: grilling safety.

Gordon says, if you use a charcoal grill, make sure your coals are extinguished before putting them on the ground.

"Unless those coals are very extinguished, there are still hot spots that can ignite fires," Gordon said.

Laymon says she's thankful that the shed fire didn't touch her home or family.

"I am so glad that it wasn't my home and nobody was hurt. None of my kids were hurt and I still have my home and my children," Laymon said.

Gordon recommends researching your household chemicals and oils.

He says a simple internet search could give you valuable information about how flammable a product is and how to properly handle it.

Not only do firemen want to help you avoid starting a fire in your home, they also want to stay out of the heat.

A Dallas fire-rescue spokesperson says that today, four Dallas firefighters suffered heat-related issues after responding to a fire this morning.

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