Bokchito fire destroys Durant firefighter's home

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Durant firefighter, James Hicks, had just finished mowing his yard off State Road 22 in Bokchito, and had put the mower away in the garage.

When he saw flames coming from the garage...

"Somehow the lawn mower caught on fire, they saw it, and ran in and told Mom and Dad, and they called 911, and by the time we got out here, the house was pretty much engulfed," said Eastern Bryan County EMS Director, Melissa Scott.

Scott says six area departments battled the blaze for more than 3 hours. Durant fire officials say, they don't normally respond to fires in that area, but immediately went to help when they learned the house belonged to one of their own, firefighter, James Hicks.

"It's one of our brothers, it's not just one of our colleagues," said Durant Fire Captain, Dustin Rudolf. "We're a brotherhood, that's what we are. Anything that happens and we're there for one another, and it means a lot to us to have that brotherhood for us to come out and help each other out."

Rudolf was off duty when the call came in, but got to the house as soon as he could.

Bokchito, Caddo, Freeny Valley, Wade, and Philedelphia Fire Stations also helped put the fire out. Scott says the Bryan County community is always there to lend a helping hand.

"We're here to help each other, and we stick together and we do what we need to do to make sure the job gets done, and that everybody's safe," said Scott.

Durant Fire officials say the house is a total loss after sustaining about $150,000 in damages. They believe it started with the lawnmower, but are still investigating the cause.

They say they are also planning on helping Hicks and his family get back on their feet.

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