Durant students compete in healthy cooking competition

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DURANT, OK -- It can be a challenge getting children to eat their fruits and vegetables.

"i really like making sandwiches," said sixth grader, Caden Choate.

But that wasn't a problem Thursday afternoon for several Durant Public Schools students who put on their chef hats and competed in the 2nd annual Sodexo Future Chefs competition.

"We want them to know that they can have things that taste good that are healthy for them that way they grow up eating healthy foods and stay in shape," said Durant Sodexo General Manager, Mark Woods.

Woods says the event is meant to educate younger students about the importance of healthy eating.

This year, 30 students from around the district submitted recipes for healthy sandwiches and 6 finalists competed for a spot in the regional competition.

"They learn how to be self-sufficient and make a healthy snack when they get home," Woods said. "They don't have to grab a cookie or a pre-made Hostess cupcake."

Woods says having the students make the sandwiches themselves helps them realize that fruits and veggies can taste good, and the chefs who prepared them agree.

"I used to think avocado would be gross, but I tried it and it doesn't really have a taste so most kids think that things are pretty gross but once you try it it's pretty good," said sixth grader, Lauren Collins.

"Did you think a sandwich with fruits and vegetables in it would taste good?"
"No," said fourth grader, Garrett Mason.
"Now what do you think about a sandwich with fruits and vegetables?"
"It's really good," Mason said.

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