Durant man charged with murdering child appears in court

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DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- A Durant man charged with the first-degree murder of a child appeared in court today.

On Friday, 23 year-old Marin Clay Allison was charged with killing his 14 month-old son Ethan. Today in court, a judge denied him bail.

When Clay Allison's son was allegedly not breathing on May 21st, he monitored him, then later called 911.

Authorities say Allison originally told them his son suffered an accidental fall. But then, investigators say he changed his story.

Clay Allison originally told police that his son had an accidental fall. But when authorities saw the boy's massive skull fracture to the back of his head, they realized it didn't match Allison's story.

That's when they began treating the case as child abuse instead of an accident.

"Through the investigation as it was going on, the injuries were not consistent with that fall," Durant police detective Brian Chavez said.

An affidavit says that when Allison later talked to authorities, he told them that he was sick and his 14 month-old son Ethan was wanting to play with him, frustrating him.

"At some point in time, when the child got close to him, he got a hold of the child to bring him into the bathroom and that's when I guess he used too much force," Chavez said.

The report says Allison described how the back of Ethan's head then hit the tile floor with a lot of force. An affidavit states that after that, Allison went online, researching head injuries.

Allison said he stayed up most of the night observing Ethan before calling 911 the next morning.

Allison's next door neighbor says she thought Allison and Ethan lived an idyllic life.

"I thought they had the ideal thing, too, I thought they seemed happy. I didn't know there were any problems of any kind," neighbor Laverna Satterfield said.

She says she never saw signs of abuse in the home.

"'Did you see any violent or aggressive behavior?' Never. 'Heard any fights?' Never. Nothing at all," Sattefield said.

Bryan County District Attorney Emily Redman says there are a few possibilities for Allison's punishment, if proven guilty.

"Punishment of either life in prison or life in prison without the possibility of parole and in some cases the death penalty may even be an option," Redman said.

In Durant, Allison Harris, First News.