ECU student and teacher work together to encourage organ donation

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ADA, OK-- "So i went into liver failure had in stage cirrhosis, was put on the transplant list in 2009 and got my transplant in 2011 and at that point i was pretty close to death," ECU student, Matthew Calvert said.

Matt is now more than just a student, he is also a mentor.

Stan Nnoch, a professor at ECU, was diagnosed with liver cancer around the time Matt was receiving his transplant.

"Dr McFreudin who is my hepatologist at Integris Baptist called me and said Stan there is something i saw in your results and i'd really like you to come back for a closer look. So i went back for an MRI. That's when they discovered i have a tumor in my liver on my left lobe"

Stan was slightly hesitant about transplantation when his doctors brought it up last year but he was eager to know more.

"I'd heart about transplants before but didn't know the details," Stan said.

So Matt, the student, became a teacher of sorts for Stan the
professor as he waited for a donor match.

"You know whenever I was waiting and going through my process, I really didn't have anyone that had also gone through it. You know, that person to reach out to and ask questions so I thought 'I should reach out to him and let him know that there is someone else here that has gone through what he is going through.' I just opened myself and said ask me anything you want and we'll talk about it," Calvert said.

Matt was there when Stan came out of surgery last August.
Now, a year later, the two want to help give others the same second chance at life they received.

"Everyone wants to make a difference in this world and you can do that by signing up to be an organ donor," said Calvert.

The first Ada Organ Drive is this Sunday at ECU.