Early morning fire destroys Denison building

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DENISON, TX -- Denison firefighters responded to a structure fire Monday morning.

Denison firefighters say it started around 2:45 am Monday morning in the 2200 block of West Morton Street.

Officials we spoke with do not know at this time how the fire began, that is still under investigation.

Now the business here is called Nortex Springer, but there's actually a for sale sign out front, and we're told the building is just being used for storage, and so nobody was inside at the time.

We spoke with Assistant Fire Chief Bill Ray who described the scene when they arrived Monday morning.

Ray said, "Upon arrival they found out that a lot of flames were actually coming out of the attic, so the crews went defensive, put a lot of water on it, and got the fire under control."

Officials say the building is a total loss.