Early morning storms damage Pottsboro marina

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POTTSBORO, TX -- Workers rushed to repair damage to multiple docks Wednesday after early morning storms wrecked havoc on Lighthouse Marina.

Property manager Gary Hughes said strong winds capsized a charter boat dock and bent up the walkway to the fuel dock.

"It's laid over pretty good," he said. "The poles are laid over in the water a little bit."

They had to relocate their pontoon fleet to a different dock, Hughes said.

"Some of the poles were beating on those," he said.

Marina guest Bob Heinz said the storm woke him up early Wednesday morning.

"Looked outside and it was just big gusts of wind coming along, branches falling down, hitting the house and everything," he said.

Heinz watched on as workers spent most of the day working on the charter boat dock.

"The excitement for the day out here. Right now any way," he said.

Crews restored the dock by Wednesday afternoon.

"Ratcheting up the mud poles, getting them out of the mud so it'll flip back over," Hughes said.

But he said the walkway to the fuel dock will take a couple days.

"You'll still be able to tell there was some damage but we'll work through that. We wanna get back open for all of our guests coming in this weekend," he said.

While the repairs are a headache, workers say they're lucky the damage wasn't worse.

"We're fortunate we didn't lose the gas lines, didn't lose electricity, anything of that nature," Hughes said. "Just bent up a lot of stuff."

The marina is completely booked up for the weekend, Hughes said. They plan to have everything re-open and back up by Friday.

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