Engineer introduces solar energy prototype

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SHERMAN, TX-The hot sun beating down on Texoma can be hard to take especially in the summer, but there is a bright side to the intense heat. The PM4-240 solar power module can actually power our air conditioning, refrigerator and basically any other appliance in our homes.
Sun Boost LLC is on a cross country trip to show off their invention and we caught up with them right here in Texoma to see how it works.

Sun Boost LLC's John Rodriguez was travelling from Florida to California to introduce a solar energy prototype called the PM4-240 solar power module. And on his trip, he stopped by Sherman.

"It's an ideal location being in this part of Texas where you get a lot of sun, but the weather changes the patterns change mighty quick," he said.

He said it takes 24 solar panels to be able to power a home, but using this solar generator, one can power a home using only 2 to 4 panels.

"This unit can actually power 4000 continuous (volts) to about 8000, you can basically run a typical home in it," Rodriguez said.

Ricardo Ayala owns Sun City Solar Energy in Sherman. He said when the generator comes on the market, he plans to be one of the first stores to sell it.

"A limitation that we see constantly from home to home is roof space,'where am I gonna put the modules?' If we can install 24 modules, we surely can install this system that only requires 2 or 4 modules," he said.

Rodriguez demonstrated how the solar generator works by plugging in a fan and he said it doesn't use any electricity, which can help people save money from energy bills.

"It's using the actual light from the sun to actually charge the batteries, but it's actually going to the shading booster to maintain the voltage we need to power the inverter," he said.

But keeps working even when it's cloudy.

"The system has a shading booster where, when there's clouds coming in, the system keeps working and you're able to power it and not lose power," said Rodriguez.

Ayala said 24 panels alone can't provide enough energy to power a home or support the use of appliances like air conditioners and the fridge. But with the solar generator, it can.

"We believe in it. It's a new improvement in the solar market and I think it's gonna do great in the industry," he said.

Rodriguez said you can sync your phone to the generator via the Internet, so wherever you are in the world, you can check if you got power in your house.
The solar power module will be tested out in Sherman for a month.

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