Executive Director of Ardmore Community Center Accused of Embezzlement

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ARDMORE, OK -- The executive director of the H.F.V. Community Center in Ardmore has been fired after evidence surfaced that he misappropriated funds.

"Last Wednesday we were notified by city officials that there was possibly a criminal embezzlement that occurred involving one of the city employees and we've been asked to do an investigation on that."

Ardmore Police Sergeant, Ryan Hunnicutt, says charges will most likely be filed on Kurt Lemley, the now former executive director at the H.F.V. Community Center in Ardmore.

"Our understanding is that Mr. Lemley worked for the city for about two and a half years and how long the embezzlement has been taking place, we won't know until we've looked at all the financial records," Hunnicutt said.

Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director, Kevin Boatright, says they discovered the misappropriation through a routine financial report check up.

"From reviewing expenses affiliated with the program, we saw something that did not look normal."

Boatright says the amount of embezzled funds is unknown at this time. He also says the center's activities will go on as normal and a new director will be set in place after the investigation is complete.

"There is nothing that we know at this time that would financially be a reason to not keep the center open and providing the programs and after school care and the services that we always do at the community center."

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