FEMA assesses ice storm damage in Grayson Co.

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- This was a disaster, according to Grayson County officials, who made that declaration during December's ice storm in an attempt to get relief funds.

Wednesday, county officials and leaders from five cities shared their damage estimates with FEMA.

"There's a number that Grayson County has to meet: a threshold to even begin talking to the state and FEMA about disaster assistance," Grayson County Emergency Manager Sarah Somers said.

That threshold is $423,000 dollars.

"We were afraid we weren't anywhere close. I'm a little more hopeful today," Somers said.

County Road and Bridge Foreman Darrell Ramsey was on the frontlines during the arctic blast, working to improve dangerous road conditions.

He says asphalt roads are some of the most severely damaged.

"The chip and seal just completely loose on the road and it just looks like a rock road 'cause it's so loose," Ramsey said.

Ramsey's concerned that, come February, another freeze could make roads even worse.

"They're going to start coming apart on us, especially if we have another freeze this winter. If it lasts over day, we're going to have significant damage," Ramsey said.

Sherman officials estimate their damage at $5.8 million dollars, but ultimately it will be up to FEMA to tally the damages.

"Some of our cities, who had some extraordinary response costs and overtime, it'll impact what they can do as they go forward," Somers said.

No private reimbursements are expected.

FEMA officials say if they do see enough damage throughout the county, the next step is to come back in a month or two month's time to continue assessing the damage.

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