Fallen Whitewright soldier is laid to rest

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - A local soldier was honored and laid to rest today, while hundreds of people turned out to pay their respects.

It's a sound of honor and respect.

It's a sound of honor and respect. But Its a ring no family wants to hear.

Private First Class Christian Jake Chandler was laid to rest Saturday at Oak Hill Cemetery in Whitewright and hundreds of people stood up in support.

"They look around and they're not alone. And these people came from Paris and all around to show their support," said Jerry Wrenn, a local veteran.

People lined the streets between Bells and Whitewright to honor the hero, and pay their respects to the soldier and his family, who has already paid so much.

"These guys fought for our country, fought for our freedom, and everyone of them deserve this. This is how is should be and this was absolutely overwhelming," said Charla Francis, a family friend.

Chandler was brought back from Afghanistan Thursday after he was shot and killed in the line of duty.

The 20-year-old had just graduated from Whitewright high school two years ago.

The community says they remember Chandler as if he never left.

"Jake was a great kid. He was well liked by everybody around him. Everyone appreciated what a great smile he had and a good person he was," said Kim Reagan, a family relative.

Even though Chandler is no longer standing alongside his community, his memory will forever be in their hearts.

"We'll always remember him when we look at the flag and we should always serve him with pride," said J.W. Tindall, a local supporter.

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