Fire destroys Marietta family's home

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MARIETTA, OK-- A family of six has lost everything after a fire broke out at their home in Marietta, last night.

Nikki Rodriquez said she and her family had gone out to dinner when the fire broke out at their home on the 12-hundred block of US highway 77.

"My landlord called me and told me that my house was burning so we came from Gainesville to here" said Rodriquez .

Rodriquez said by the time they got home their mobile home was rubble.

"We lost everything, we have nothing, we lost our dog, all the kids clothes, everything" said Rodriquez.

She said the timing couldn't be worse for her four young children.

"They lost everything and schools is fixing to start up, she lost everything, so she's upset" said Rodriquez.

Rodriquez's aunt said despite the family losing all of their belongings and their family pet, they still have a lot to be thankful for.

"My nephew works nights and usually he'd be sleeping during the day here, or they would be sleeping at night and nobody was home so we are still thankful" said Teresa Langston.

The house was not insured and firefighters say the fire is still under investigation. Rodriquez said she believes it was an electrical fire that started the flames.

"The only thing that was on was the TV, it was right when you walked in the door that's where it started on that wall and then it just spread down the house" said Rodriquez .

You can make a donation starting monday for the Rodriquez family at the first national bank in Marietta or at twice around furniture store behind the chicken run in Marietta.

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